3 Key in Human life

Buddhadeb Kairi @IRIAK.COM

The most 3 important key God given to us as weapon.

But that gods gifted weapons we are sometime failure to use to the exact place or exact time.

Do you know about the 3 keys?

What of the 3 keys we got as gift from our God?


Ok let’s see the keys...

1st Key is "Enter"

"Enter" means acceptance.

Just think from the childhood which you did actually without care about yourself. Unlimited people are entering in your life some time necessary and maximum unnecessary, out of control and unlimitedly. You could specified that limit but you couldn’t. That is your 1st misuse and that's why you're still carrying them.

2nd Key is "Space"

"Space" means gap or distance.

We should always maintain the distance between bad or good. But we some time forget about on it or maximum time we are confused what is bad and what is good. What is important and what is unimportant we don’t understand actually and that’s why some time we give more priority on unimportant things and that's why we get trouble in life. That is our 2nd misuse and that’s why we failure to achieve the goal.

3rd Key is "Delete"

"Delete" means remove.

Last key is very valuable key in our life. From the child hood we have enter so many unwanted peoples in our life, but if we learn about the delete key then we could able to deleted all the unwanted people in our life and our life may be make a trouble less life. If we know very well that how to use the Delete key in proper way then we can delete unimportant things from our life and make a better space between our life style and build a proper unique personality. That is our 3rd misuse and that's why we failure to make unique life and destroy our personality.

Moral of the story

Don’t allowed unwanted people in our life.

Make a distance between the non-important things.

Always delete the bad things from your life.